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NOW THAT IM MUCH OLDER DONT PUT THAT SHIT ON ME!!! [entries|friends|calendar]

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November 10th, 2005
[ mood | horny ]

dude i am sooo horny right now like whoaaa its crazy.... i had a really bad day,iv had a really bad week but i feel better right now, i feel horny.... really really horny where is jullian when i need him?  velvet bunny productions lmao.

anyway i love kaciiii sooo sooo sooo sooo sooo0 much i cant even say that enough i dont think anyone will ever relize how i really feel about her becuase everyone is like so david who is next mounths and damn that pisses me off becuase it is kaci and the next mounth and the mounth after that and forever i love her sooo much i am never breaking up with her she is sooo perfect. i love every minuite i spend with her she is soo awesome and funny and everything. nothing in the enitire world has ever meant more to me. i love her soo much and i always will

kick ass
i love you kaci

Mötley[ 2 ] Crüe

November 9th, 2005
[ mood | in love as always ]

im going to be grounded when my mom reads that but oh well

right now im sitting her waiting for her to get home.....

i love kaci soooo sooo sooo soooo much yesterday she wrote me the most kick ass note any girl has ever wrote to me beofore i read it like 122000000000000000 times i practicly memerized it. i misss her soo much i met her parents on saterday when i went to her house..... they are pretty kick ass tooo. dude i love everything about her she is sooo perfect just like goood i love her sooo much i can not even say like none of you know i love her like crazy. And she has got to be the best girl iv ever kisssed she is sooo good. i wonder what else shes good at? HA HA HA OH MY GOD DUDE JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING my bad totally un called for. bad david. but no serisly i love her sooo much she is sooo amazing i could sit her and think about her all day... oh wait i already do. i would do anything for kaci and i will never ever ever stop loving her!!
i love you kaci

Mötley[ 1 ] Crüe

November 9th, 2005
[ mood | take no prisioners ]

another song i wrote while rotting in hell.... i wrote this to my mom.... the gaf

*take no prisioners*

iv tried fucken everything for you too see fuckin eye to eye; yeah this is to you!
what happenes when theres nothing else you can do
and im still fuckin not takin your shit
and i break out of this straight jaket
my life lesson is to prove you wrong
show you who and what i am through this fucking song
ill do anything to show even if i have to suffer and yell
if this is what it takes for you finally relize where im coming from
then ill burn in fucking hell!!!!

i remember the days when we laughed and we played
beofre you turned physco and grounded me for my grade!
let me live my own fuckin life i know where im fucking headed
step off back down the futures already inbedded
cant you see i hurt myself to tr and hurt you
so step the fuck out of my life there is nothing you can do
excpet let me do it i have to be the one to want it for myself
your childhood days are done stop fuckin up mine put your school books back on the shelf

so what what what are you going to do
becuase i have a goal in mind for me not you
so here are my witness, all these listeners
im living my life and im taking no prisioners.

i am sooo mad i should let my mom read that and see what she thinks

Mötley[ 1 ] Crüe

November 6th, 2005
[ mood | i love you kaci ]

dont know what you got (till its gone) - cinderella

dont know what you got
till its gone
dont know what it is i did so wrong
now i know what i got
its just this song
and aint it easy to get back
takes so lonnnnnnggggg

i know what i got and i hope its never gone
i love you kaci

Mötley[ 1 ] Crüe

November 5th, 2005
[ mood | indifferent ]

didnt update the day beofre yesterday becuase i went down dead mans hill and i was flyin i mean going really fast and i was almmost to the bottom and there was this shit in my wayn so i flipped off did three flips in the air and toar up like every part of my body
and didnt update yestterday becuase i was at the movies with kaci!!!!
we went to go see the fog pshhh yeah that movie sucked, i mean it was scary when things just like came out of no where but its not somthing that will keep you up at night or anything. there was like 9 of us i think... me,kaci,shalisa,sarah,kara,serg,tj,ian(who has cooler hair then me!!!damn it!) and daneille.  dude shalisa and sarah were so loud through like the whole movie and these girls behind us were like guys shhhh be quiet lmao that was sooo funny. so like beofre we went in i asked this lady how full it was and she said half, ummm yeah right there were like 5 people in there when we got in but it ended up being kind of crowed i guess.
and i know everyone is wondering becuase alot of people asked me, yes me and kaci made out.. ok like for real she has got to be the bestt best best best best kisser like ever. like yeah iv kissed alot of girls (lol shhhh) but no one i have ever kissed is even half as good as
kaci i mean god damn she was like whoa awesome.

dude i dont even know what it is but i love kaci sooooo much, like more then anything. i would serisly do anything for her. she is just sooo perfect i mean like i dont know like shes hot (sorry i mean beautiful), shes funny, shes nice and like i respect her. i love her soooo much i cant even tell you i would take a bullet for her i would do anything to make her happy. i love love love love love her more than anything in the entire world. and if i were going to die my last words would be i love you kaci.

kick total ass


November 2nd, 2005
[ mood | cranky ]

ugggg livin with the parents is getting pretty damn old, its like a reason to go to college... to get away from them, all they do is talk to me about shit i could care less god they are sooo annoying little gafs

oh oh oh so i told my mom i would kick ass on my scinece and i did i got a B but then mr austin is such a fuckin fag he took me down to a C becuase i passed a paper to mark.... what the fuckin helll that pissed me off man but then i had a little bit of good luck becuase i didnt type my speech that was due today but i got off!!!1 so i did it tonight so i can do it tomarow

i got to hang out with kaci soooo much today we had an assembly then at lunch and in the morning i dont know it just seemed like alot but it is never enough becuase i love her soooooo much... i love her i love her i love her!!!!! ilove you kaci

kick ass


November 1st, 2005
[ mood | freakin in love ]

theres nothing like power ballads

today was sweet becuase i didnt do anything.... i mean we had alot to do..... i just didnt do any of it and we whatched napolean dynamite today so that was sweet too. in a little while im gonna go eat at arbys becuase mollys gonna be working tonight. im probably gonna go skate in a little while but i dont know if my mom laets me shes kind of pssed right now,

but besides for all that shit im freakin love. i love kaci soooo much like serisly you dont even know shes so awesome. like erhghoghfkfkjn its crazy. like nothingg has felt sooo good or soo right sense andrea but not even andrea felt this perfect. (and for those of you who know how me and andrea were,,, thats really sayin somthing) i love her soo much the only way we will ever break up is if she dumps me becuase i am never leaving her she is soooo perfect god i love her soooooooooooooooo much

kick asssssssssss

Mötley[ 3 ] Crüe

October 30th, 2005
[ mood | angry ]

parents are gay
skating is sweet
i love kaci sooooooo sooooooo sooooooooo much and i cant wait to see her tomarrow
and that was my day
kick ass

Mötley[ 1 ] Crüe

October 29th, 2005
[ mood | rockin ]

another song i wrote
as well as you

how can you see inside of me
how can it be if your eyes cant see
i know that you want part of me
look twice to be beofore extacy

rock n roll right out the door
its nirvania all over again
(who knew)
all i see is the turn
not the road ahead
becuase im blinded
as well as you

its strange how lifes lemon give an awful taste
it strange that im stuck on it like paste
layin trying to figure it out
but im hopless with out a dought


caught here in this lifeless agony
how can you see inside of me

Mötley[ 1 ] Crüe

October 28th, 2005
[ mood | i miss kaci ]

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo today was poo poo i was bored. and i dont get to see kaci for a whole 3 days!!!!! that like crazy! i dontt know nothing really happened today it was pretty much boring and i miss kaci do everything else is pretty kind of like who cares becuase i miss kaci. shes at sarahs.... sarah kicks total ass too.

kaci is a stinky face!!!!!!! lol

o me and larrisa had a pretty cool conversation about sort people and that was.... penisve i guess larissa kicks some ass too....yes yes ass..

i went to the nature center to go on the haunted hay ride and i met my old neighbors there and hung out with them and froze my ass off!! and that was not fun

hey man theres somthing you outa know, park avenue leads to skid row

Mötley[ 3 ] Crüe

October 27th, 2005
[ mood | annoyed ]

molly didnt move after all and shes back i was soo happy i missed molly so much!!

im goin out with kaci!!! shes so kick ass i love you kaci

i did my first board slide with my new deck today but then i fell on my ass but its cool

i downloaded stars sessions and it kicks ass.

i beat andrea in our fight man i kicked her ass

i dont know i love kaci so much theres just somthin about her i dont know shes soo awesome..... yeah man shes a keeper lol

oh oh oh and i am done being a whore!!!! i am a whore no more!!

thats pretty much it man kick ass

Mötley[ 2 ] Crüe

October 26th, 2005
[ mood | blank ]

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my molly moved away from me!!!!! i dont even know why everyone else does but they wont tell me!! it is somthing bad i think.... but noooo i need to know i loves her!!! now i am sad. but beofre that i was blank. i wrote more of crunch and it is pretty sweet. and today was gay. kinda. but damn it i want to know what happened to my mollly!!!!! molly come back!!!!!!! gahhhhhhhhh stupid faces wont tell me. that makes me mad. i will find out. i want her to come back:( sad david.
i want to join a gang
kind of
but yep so i was pretty much the man at soccer today.... yep i sucked. but everyone said i didnt but they were just being nice. i know the truth. i know everything. becuase i was born about 10 0000 years ago.... those who know that song know what im talkin about.
 i want to join a gang
kind of
 i am going to go to jimmy johns so that bitch aj can make my lunch lol i am cool like that.
soccer game in gym tomarrow and another random update
i want to join a gang kind of
kick ass


October 25th, 2005
[ mood | nauseated ]

ugg i dont really feel good i think i got the flu. cool. molly wasnt at school today so i was sad but she better be there tomarrow!! we have gym together!! sarah came over to work on our science project.... that was fun. and this is kid micheal is gonna trade me these brand new venture trucks for my shity tensors so i was like alright.... another cool part. me and kaci arnt talking. thats not cool but oh well... i dont feel good just throwing out random things.... i want to go to bed..... becuase i am tired..... lay it on the line... ha ha ha good song..... i guess...... stars should be sung instead of we are the world.... fuck we are the world.... song stars dude metall is better....kick ass


October 24th, 2005
[ mood | jubilant ]

haaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa today was ok i got a big ass beat hug from molly and i touched her ass.... oh yeah.

so then i went to hang out with some people and my frined jimmy gave me a ride home. so it was so funny becuase we relize that my parents are right behind us so it was soooo funny becuse he is trying to be a good driver but hes nothign even close to it but so he is going kind of slow.... but not really the speed limit but  then he was going. so every car we went by he wouold flash his lights at them and they would be like blind and sweve on the road it was soo funnyy so like we get into my neighborhood and it was soo funny becuase we lost my parents and he is flying down the street honking his horn  but like heres the best part.... jimmy pulls up in this dudes driveway and honks his horn like six times and then yells out the window..... we're here!!! lmoa i cant even tell you becuase he said it so funny and then the people came out and we took off down the street. dude it was sooo awesome that was wayyyyy wayyy wayyy kick ass


October 23rd, 2005
[ mood | i miss molly ]

soooooooo today i skated.... alot and whathced saw. that movie was bogus until the end the end of saw kicked ass. so yep that was pretty sweet. not much went down today i layed around and skated. this weekend was soooo boring becuase everyone was gone and there was nothing to do. so check this out this is the true story of the world.....
in the very begging
God made the land
then he made the water
then creatures
then he made man
he was born with a passion
love and hate
restless spirt
in the need of a mate
but there was somthing missin somethin lost
so it came with the answer
heres what is cost
it was 1 part love
1 part child
1 part lady
1 part wild
i give you women!!
so there ya go when God created my favorite thing in the whole world.... kick ass

Mötley[ 2 ] Crüe

October 22nd, 2005
[ mood | tired ]

so i pretty much wasted my saterday. i did like nothing except lay around the house.

when i woke up i was like im gonna earn some money so i can by this flip i want so i earned the money but some how i eneded but a metro trend. i hung out there for like an hour and decided on buying an anti hero it has like a gun with like ribbon around that says anti hero its pretty cool. so i skated it a little today. no one was home everyone was up north or somthin so today was way boring i didnt do anything.

i didnt see molly either. i havnt talk to her in like two days. shes my bestest freind in the whole wide world. lol. i didnt talk to kaci ir sarah and i havnt seen sarah in like for ever either.

matt brought over a skate video by a called menikman and it was pretty good. matt couldnt hang out though becuase he was going to his grandmas to clean the attic so he could get some money for a new deck.

not much is on the agenda for tommarow either. might skate my new deck with matt a little bit so im not expecting much. i want to get back to school and see mollly!!! really bad!! but anyway kick ass

Mötley[ 2 ] Crüe

October 21st, 2005
[ mood | freakin like whoaaaa ]

we will we wiill rock you!!!
tdoay was insane!!!!!!!!! i get to stay. the last grade i had to bring up was scinence and so i was still a an E yesterdAY but some how i went from an E to a C-!!! i was like dude awesome. i dont even know how i did it!! but like hell yeah!! thats not all i got an A on my bigg biigg bigg world history test!!!! so today was like yeahhhhhh it was like my day!!

molly molly molly molly molly molly molly molly molly molly!!!!!
she had me freakin like whoaaaa! i was sad becuase i didnt think i had any classes with her today but we ended up having semiar together so we got to hang out for like two hours!! i let her use my cell to use the calc. and when i got it back.... her number was in it.... exellent. ohh ohhh ohhh and i think aj got kicked out becuase christy told me he freaked on some kid so he might have gotten kicked out becuase know about that kidz temper lol.

skating skating skating skating skating skating skating!!!
dude all of a ssuddden i am landing everything i try. i tohught there was nothing more to do but i started trying new stuff and its crazyy!!  im gonna start doing crazy shit of kicker soon becuase i know some people with kickers. iv never been on one before i mean me and danny build one but it sucked like totally. so yeah that sweet

today was the freakin best!!!!

kick ass kick ass kick ass kick ass kick ass kick ass kick ass


October 20th, 2005
[ mood | rockin excited ]

ahhhh your gonna take me home tonight
ahhhhh down beside that red fire light
ahhhh your gonna let it all hang out
fat bottom girls you make the rockin world go round.

highlight of the day molly told me i have pretty eyes!!! i love her lol
the parents went to converenses tonight.... i got totally good reports i was like whoaa
my skating is getting totally rockin man i skated like all night

so today was another good day man things are lookin up soooooooooooooooooo kick ass!!!!


October 19th, 2005
[ mood | ecstatic ]

well im movin on up!!! today was most exellent!!

today was so good i cant even tell you. i landed a new trick on my skateboard!!! i am sooo ready and im soo passing my world studies test tomarrow and i brought my math and language artss grades up to passing!!! a b and a c!!!! thank you god!!!! ha ha ha i have proof he exsists!! i got to just chill today and everything was awesome. it was a great day!
with every good day there is atleast one bad thing. my science grade has gotten way worse. i dont tihnk im ever gonna get up. but ill totally keep trying.

i downloads shortys how to go pro girls yeah right flip really sorry and zero new blood skate videos they are so kick ass. whatchin those is how i learned my new trick. so today was definitly.... kick ass

Mötley[ 1 ] Crüe

October 18th, 2005
[ mood | i am soo cool lmao ]

so today was pimp i guess.

 so nothing happened actully alot happened but its personal shit. i downloaded shortys how to go pro and zeros new blood skate videos they are pretty sweet. everyone is trying to help me pass so i dont have to go to a new school but i think im still gonna have too. its weird becuase i cant see that happening but i know it proabably will.

this girl kara who i guess you could say im friends with has pictures of me surronded by my ladies... exlellent... at the homecoming game!! it was pretty sweet to look at.

thats it im trying to get my shit togather and stay at kettering so everyone needs to help me please!!!!!! kick ass

Mötley[ 1 ] Crüe

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