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theres nothing like power ballads

today was sweet becuase i didnt do anything.... i mean we had alot to do..... i just didnt do any of it and we whatched napolean dynamite today so that was sweet too. in a little while im gonna go eat at arbys becuase mollys gonna be working tonight. im probably gonna go skate in a little while but i dont know if my mom laets me shes kind of pssed right now,

but besides for all that shit im freakin love. i love kaci soooo much like serisly you dont even know shes so awesome. like erhghoghfkfkjn its crazy. like nothingg has felt sooo good or soo right sense andrea but not even andrea felt this perfect. (and for those of you who know how me and andrea were,,, thats really sayin somthing) i love her soo much the only way we will ever break up is if she dumps me becuase i am never leaving her she is soooo perfect god i love her soooooooooooooooo much

kick asssssssssss

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