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didnt update the day beofre yesterday becuase i went down dead mans hill and i was flyin i mean going really fast and i was almmost to the bottom and there was this shit in my wayn so i flipped off did three flips in the air and toar up like every part of my body
and didnt update yestterday becuase i was at the movies with kaci!!!!
we went to go see the fog pshhh yeah that movie sucked, i mean it was scary when things just like came out of no where but its not somthing that will keep you up at night or anything. there was like 9 of us i think... me,kaci,shalisa,sarah,kara,serg,tj,ian(who has cooler hair then me!!!damn it!) and daneille.  dude shalisa and sarah were so loud through like the whole movie and these girls behind us were like guys shhhh be quiet lmao that was sooo funny. so like beofre we went in i asked this lady how full it was and she said half, ummm yeah right there were like 5 people in there when we got in but it ended up being kind of crowed i guess.
and i know everyone is wondering becuase alot of people asked me, yes me and kaci made out.. ok like for real she has got to be the bestt best best best best kisser like ever. like yeah iv kissed alot of girls (lol shhhh) but no one i have ever kissed is even half as good as
kaci i mean god damn she was like whoa awesome.

dude i dont even know what it is but i love kaci sooooo much, like more then anything. i would serisly do anything for her. she is just sooo perfect i mean like i dont know like shes hot (sorry i mean beautiful), shes funny, shes nice and like i respect her. i love her soooo much i cant even tell you i would take a bullet for her i would do anything to make her happy. i love love love love love her more than anything in the entire world. and if i were going to die my last words would be i love you kaci.

kick total ass

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