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another song i wrote while rotting in hell.... i wrote this to my mom.... the gaf

*take no prisioners*

iv tried fucken everything for you too see fuckin eye to eye; yeah this is to you!
what happenes when theres nothing else you can do
and im still fuckin not takin your shit
and i break out of this straight jaket
my life lesson is to prove you wrong
show you who and what i am through this fucking song
ill do anything to show even if i have to suffer and yell
if this is what it takes for you finally relize where im coming from
then ill burn in fucking hell!!!!

i remember the days when we laughed and we played
beofre you turned physco and grounded me for my grade!
let me live my own fuckin life i know where im fucking headed
step off back down the futures already inbedded
cant you see i hurt myself to tr and hurt you
so step the fuck out of my life there is nothing you can do
excpet let me do it i have to be the one to want it for myself
your childhood days are done stop fuckin up mine put your school books back on the shelf

so what what what are you going to do
becuase i have a goal in mind for me not you
so here are my witness, all these listeners
im living my life and im taking no prisioners.

i am sooo mad i should let my mom read that and see what she thinks
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