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im going to be grounded when my mom reads that but oh well

right now im sitting her waiting for her to get home.....

i love kaci soooo sooo sooo soooo much yesterday she wrote me the most kick ass note any girl has ever wrote to me beofore i read it like 122000000000000000 times i practicly memerized it. i misss her soo much i met her parents on saterday when i went to her house..... they are pretty kick ass tooo. dude i love everything about her she is sooo perfect just like goood i love her sooo much i can not even say like none of you know i love her like crazy. And she has got to be the best girl iv ever kisssed she is sooo good. i wonder what else shes good at? HA HA HA OH MY GOD DUDE JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING my bad totally un called for. bad david. but no serisly i love her sooo much she is sooo amazing i could sit her and think about her all day... oh wait i already do. i would do anything for kaci and i will never ever ever stop loving her!!
i love you kaci
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